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I am Me

Written and performed by Mel Grace
Copyright 2017 © Inner Balance Wear Inc.


Born only one pound, a severely premature twin, Mel Grace wasn’t favoured by doctors to live for more than a few hours. She credits her life to the prayers of her strong spiritual mother, who understood the power of the words and thoughts we put into the Universe. Today she demonstrates a genuine gratitude and appreciation for being alive every day.

In 2011, the Universe began to direct Mel on a path of sharing her passion for singing and writing. She began by entering a song writing cypher on YouTube, which lead to her to meeting a producer and creating a small following who demanded to hear more. However, Mel decided to focus on writing for other artists, not considering becoming an artist herself.

In 2016, the Universe had a different idea, aligning Mel Grace with Inner Balance and accomplished musician Joel Joseph, to collaborate and create a song that would embody the energy of the brand and its purpose. “I Am Me” was written by Mel Grace, from a space of vulnerability and honesty. A child of poverty, homelessness, and tragedy; she owns where she has come from, and knows where she can go. She invites you to join her journey.

Love, Light, and Laughter to you.

Mel Grace